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Prince Phantom Pro 93P

The new Prince Phantom Pro 93P is a midsize player's frame with outstanding control and feel. At 330g unstrung, the Phantom 93P feels solid at impact and has enough mass for driving the ball through the court. The 18x20 string pattern not only gives this racket pinpoint accuracy on full swings, but it has a generous sweetspot for a dense pattern. The 93P comes with a CTS Beam, which goes from an ultra thin 16-20mm. With a 61 RA strung stiffness, you have a racket with buttery smooth feedback. TeXtreme technology results in strengthened shaft of the frame to further increase stability at impact.

Base price quoted is for unstrung racket.

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Headsize: 600 sq cm / 93 sq inch
Weight: 330 g / 11.6 oz
Balance: 305 mm / 12 pts HL
Length: 687 mm / 27 inch
String Pattern: 18/20
Beam: 16.5-18-20 mm
Stiffness: 61
Recommended Tension: 20-25 kg / 45-55 lbs


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