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Prince Emblem 120

Prince introduces the new Emblem 120- an ultra lightweight model at 244g than delivers maximum power and effortless play, for doubles players. It is equipped with TeXtreme x Twaron, a super lightweight high power model evolved pursuing comfortable shot feeling without surface stability and unpleasant vibration.

By changing the thickness of the inside and the outside, Prince’s unique new X Morph frame shape combines the advantages of box shape and aero shape respectively. In addition to the resilience restoring power at the time of hitting, it demonstrates the strength against twisting. It is also characterized by low air resistance and good swing-out. Speed ​​+ controllability + spin property is realized.

Base price quoted is for unstrung racket.

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TennisHub: S$220.00

Retail Price: S$349.00


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Headsize: 774 sq cm / 120 sq inch
Weight: 244 g / 8.6 oz
Balance: 364 mm
Length: 692 mm / 27.25 inch
String Pattern: 16/19
Beam: 30 / 27.5 / 26 mm
Recommended Tension: 22-26 kg / 47-57 lbs


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